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Très peu connus en France, ils ont écrit quelques titres superbes, dont ce Roadsong, également interprété par America, auquel ma version ne rend pas justice. 

The fountains of Wayne - Roadsong


01-cmaj.jpgWe're still in Wisconsin as06-emin.jpg far as I know 06-amin.jpgToday was Green Bay and to06-dmin.jpgmorrow Chicago 01-gmaj.jpgWish I was lying, but there isn't 06-dmin.jpgmuch to report01-fmaj.jpg My phone is dying, so I've 01-cmaj.jpggot to keep it short I just wanted to 06-emin.jpgsay 06-amin.jpghey I've been 06-dmin.jpgwriting you a 01-gmaj.jpgroad song It's a cli06-emin.jpgché, but06-amin.jpghey That 06-dmin.jpgdoesn't make it 01-gmaj.jpgso wrong And in bet06-emin.jpgween the stops at the 06-amin.jpgCracker Barrel And06-dmin.jpgforty movies 01-gmaj.jpgwith Will Ferrell I06-emin.jpgneed some way to06-amin.jpgoccupy my06-dmin.jpgtime So I'm writing you a 01-gmaj.jpgroad song I sure06-dmin.jpghope 01-gmaj.jpgyou don't 01-cmaj.jpgmind13-csus4.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg06-emin.jpg03-a7.jpg06-dmin.jpg01-gmaj.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg

01-cmaj.jpgI bought you a light blue 06-emin.jpgT-shirt last night 06-amin.jpgFrom some band I couldn't stand But their06-dmin.jpglogo's alright 01-gmaj.jpgSome kid threw a bottle on stage He had an 06-dmin.jpgarm like a pro 01-fmaj.jpgI know it's getting late I guess I01-cmaj.jpgshould let you go But did I happen to06-emin.jpgsay 06-amin.jpghey? I've been 06-dmin.jpgwriting you a 01-gmaj.jpgroad song Don't run a06-emin.jpgway, 'cause06-amin.jpghey I 06-dmin.jpgpromise it won't be01-gmaj.jpgtoo long I know it's 06-emin.jpgnot what you call 06-amin.jpgnecessary And06-dmin.jpgI know that I'm 01-gmaj.jpgno Steve Perry But 06-emin.jpgeven if you 06-amin.jpgroll your eyes and 06-dmin.jpggroan I'm still writing you a 01-gmaj.jpgroad song That 06-dmin.jpgyou can 01-gmaj.jpgcall your01-cmaj.jpgown13-csus4.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg06-emin.jpg03-a7.jpg06-dmin.jpg01-gmaj.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg01-cmaj.jpg13-csus4.jpg01-cmaj.jpg


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