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The Doors - People are strange

août 23, 2018 - Temps de lecture: 4 minutes

06-dmin.jpgPeople are strange 06-gmin.jpgwhen you're a 06-dmin.jpg stranger 06-gmin.jpg faces look06-dmin.jpg ugly 03-a7.jpgwhen 01-amaj.jpgyou're a06-dmin.jpglone Women seem wicked06-gmin.jpg when you're un06-dmin.jpgwanted06-gmin.jpgstreets are 06-dmin.jpguneven 03-a7.jpgwhen 01-amaj.jpgyou're 06-dmin.jpgdown

When you're 01-amaj.jpgstrange 01-fmaj.jpgfaces come out of the 03-a7.jpgrain when you're strange01-fmaj.jpgNo one remembers your 03-a7.jpgname When you're strange,  When you're strange,When you're strange.