Linda (The Frost)

avril 20, 2018 - Temps de lecture: ~1 minute

Auteur: Dick Wagner
Compositeur: Dick Wagner
Fernand Pena Arrangements, tous instruments et choeurs.

Linda live by the window Clock is striking twelve it's time to go Don't let anybody see you step into the street or they will know

Linda run to the corner Pull your coat up to your face and hide Better keep your dog from barking when you reach your house or you may cry

Use to walk you home on friday evenings making love you were the first for me Suddenly they knew how we were feeling Now we have to sneak around to get what we need

Linda sleep till the morning softly wake and think of how it was look into the mirror and believe that you can face the morning sun

Linda Please come tomorrow I'll be waiting for you in the dark we can keep our love alive no matter what they think or who they are


À Propos

Des chansons composées par votre serviteur, qui en signe parfois les textes, un titre par mois depuis 1999 jusqu'en 2013, enregistrées avec des personnes de passages, croisées sur le net, bref, du travail d'amateur, au sens 1er du terme.